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Get an inside look at both the movers, those leaving a church because of a change in location, and the shakers, those leaving for reasons closer to home.

41% of church switchers stopped attending church for three months or more in between their previous church and current one.

“Many churchgoers have or will change churches either because they want to or because they have to after moving to a new home.”
– Scott McConnell, director of Lifeway Research

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“Which of the following resources did you use when looking for a new church?”

  • 69% of church switchers who made a residential move say they used in-person visits to churches.
  • 54% say they used recommendations from family, friends, neighbors, and/or colleagues.
  • 40% say they used church websites.

71% of church switchers decide to regularly attend their current church after visiting worship services three times or less.

When churchgoers are visiting a new church, the first event or activity they will likely attend is a worship service (68%).

“I moved to a different state for work. I kind of lost my way spiritually after the move. But when God had worked on me enough, I felt the conviction to come back to His way. I asked around and was directed to my present church.”
– Church switcher

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