State of Ministry to Women

Get an inside look into what women churchgoers and ministry leaders have to say about the current state of ministry to women.

63% of churchgoing women say their church has an organized women's ministry.

“While women are positive about their churches, 1 in 5 indicate there is room for improvement in how well their church values them.”
– Scott McConnell, director of Lifeway Research

“What value does having a women’s ministry bring to your church that would not exist without it?”

  • 68% of women churchgoers say that ministry to women helps them have strong relationships with other women.
  • 65% say it provides opportunities to be refreshed and restored spiritually and emotionally.
  • 58% say it provides a place to ask questions and openly discuss topics of faith.

83% of women's ministry leaders are volunteers or unpaid staff members.

Only 5% of women's ministry leaders are planning alongside church staff.

“Because we see the effectiveness of specific ministry to women, imagine the impact churches could have with more intentionality and investment in building the leader of a ministry that likely reaches over half of a church’s attendees.”
– Becky Loyd, director of Lifeway Women

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